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    Nadajalah Bennett, PMP, POPM, SSM

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    My name is Nadajalah (pronounced NOD-jah-lah) and welcome to my page. I have a hack for problem-solving and love assisting people in the administrative realm. I am extremely detail-oriented, consider myself to be very tech-savvy, and am a hard worker who will always get the job done no matter what.

    I have 8+ years of experience managing large-scale enterprise projects such as corporate HQ company relocations and technical projects such as digital transformation and product launches. I have supported a majority of C-level executive suite professionals in helping them book meetings and conferences, and create effective block scheduling on calendars resulting in improved efficiency and focus. My strong interpersonal skills have allowed me opportunities to establish and build relationships with long-standing external vendors and clients within my network.


    I welcome the opportunity to discuss my current and previous experiences as well as how I can become an integral part of an organization by using the contact button below.


  • Education & Certifications

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    Project Management Professional Certification

    Project Management Institute (PMI)

    • Current Member of PMI Dallas Chapter
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    Certified SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager and SAFe® Scrum Master

    • Obtained July 2022/August 2022
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    University of North Texas

    Masters in Public Administration (MPA) with a specialization track in Emergency Management

    • Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Fellowship Recipient
    • Government Finance Officer Association of Texas (GFOAT) Fellowship Recipient 
    • Student Member of  Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT)
    • Volunteer with American Red Cross
    • Executive Board Member for Creative Visions Social Services (CVSS)
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    University of Texas at Arlington

    Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Communication with a minor in Broadcast Communication

    • Dean's List Student with UT Arlington's College of Liberal Arts
  • Past Experiences and Positions

    These are a few of my most recent past experiences in which I have developed a unique set of skills.

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    Strategic Planning Manager + Executive Project Manager


    Strategic Planning Manager Duties:

    • Utilize Scrum and Waterfall project management methodologies to launch business strategy development efforts and research projects in collaboration with senior leadership (e.g., CEO, Senior Directors).
    • Implemented a new reporting framework that increased the accuracy and timeliness of strategic initiative tracking by 25%, enabling faster decision-making and improved resource allocation. Developed quarterly and annual executive business reports for 10 senior leaders on 20 strategic initiatives, resulting in a 50% increase in visibility and alignment of key priorities.
    • Develop executive business reporting and deliver strategic initiative presentations to senior leadership, building credibility and trust on various topics related to DEI, customer and stakeholder experience, as well as growth and lean management processes.
    • Oversee all data analytics and tracking, forecasting, long-range planning, budgeting, and financial reporting processes to support business objectives and strategy to decrease internal waste by 30% and increase company profit by 25%.
    • Define analytical frameworks to identify and solve complex business problems: identify opportunities for improvement and assess and define solutions.
    • Continuously monitor and evaluate market trends to evaluate risks.

    Executive Project Manager Duties:

    • Planned and executed concurrent projects along with feasibility studies to launch strategic initiatives and optimize efficiency; manage operations throughout the entire project life cycle via expert use of Agile and Waterfall methodologies; developed and monitored project scope and timelines, ensuring projects remained on schedule and cost-effective controls are implemented; managed budgets up to $14M and teams of 12; identified and mitigated risks; facilitated meetings amongst internal/external stakeholders; gathered project metrics and provide status update reports to senior leadership.
      • Managed a new HQ building project valued at $12M.
    • Conducted gap analyses to identify areas of opportunity; standardized operational processes; streamlined policy creation of the company's official emergency manual; developed Emergency Management Team (EMT) of 10, protocols, and procedures for critical impact events and disasters.
    • Monthly contributor to the company's strategic planning committee with the purpose of identifying advantageous strategies for long-term business value and realization initiatives.
    • Tracked and analyzed key operational metrics to understand the support ecosystem and assist with determining where to focus optimization efforts.
    • Launched crisis pilot program for executive leadership: moderate monthly roundtable discussions and analyze data to identify trends and create statistical analysis reports.
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    Emergency Project Manager

    Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police Department

    • Directed system upgrade project valued at $250K+; established relationships with all project stakeholders; recommended changes and drove internal process improvements to increase productivity and efficiency; communicated project status to senior leadership regularly via expert utilization of data analytics.
    • Managed a $50,000 contract budget for security contractors to conduct equipment upgrades and maintenance, resulting in a 30% decrease in equipment downtime and a 25% increase in overall productivity.
    • Documented all processes related to security contractor requests and tickets, resulting in a 20% decrease in resolution time and improved visibility and tracking of all work orders.
    • Coordinated implementation of comprehensive emergency management plans for the entire agency of over 30K personnel.
    • Supervised coordination of 20+ local, state, government, and federal entities and stakeholders to conduct crisis incident training and management.
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    Sr. Training Site Administrator

    Ion Beam Applications (IBA)

    • Executed a new 6K sq. ft. training facility project, resulting in a streamlined onboarding process; saved the company >$1M in training costs, decreasing operational downtime recruitment costs.
    • Managed the Training Executive Director's calendar with up to 30+ appointments per week, processed 20 expense reports per month, and coordinated travel arrangements for 10 classes and training sessions per quarter.
    • Coordinated scheduling and travel arrangements for 50+ staff training, resulting in a 20% increase in training attendance and improved skills development for staff, ultimately leading to improved organizational performance
    • Created all emergency preparedness documents and evacuation plans in compliance with OSHA regulations and standards.
    • Oversaw training operations for various cross-functional teams, and performed final reviews and integration of training manual content and documents.
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    Executive Operations Coordinator to Vice President of Operations

    Health Integrity, LLC

    • Served as the liaison to CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and other governmental entities to obtain and provide information, identify issues, and assist with timely responses to inquiries regarding contracts or over-payments.
    • Ensured contract compliance by monitoring deliverables, contract requirements, and communication for Medicare change requests.
    • Primary support for VP of Operations and other management executives on ISO initiatives to improve operational systems, processes and policies to regarding information flow, management reporting, business processes, and organization planning.
    • Served as the primary person in charge of handling monthly, quarterly, and annual financial budget reports to turn into CMS contacts. Also, was in charge of setting up new hires for onboarding and orientation via Silk Road as the Silk Road Learning Administrator for the company.
    • Performed data analysis of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Created business reports and presentations for management staff.

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    Sr. Administrative Assistant

    North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)

    Cross worked in two departments: Environment & Development and Emergency Preparedness.

    • Coordinated 30+ meetings and 10+ trips per month for the Director and two executive management staff, ensuring smooth and efficient scheduling and travel logistics.
    • Managed a $25,000 budget for marketing and community outreach materials that resulted in a 15% increase in customer engagement and a 10% increase in website traffic.
    • Handled incoming invoices, and created purchase requisitions and payment authorizations for products, items, and supplies.
    • Submitted 50+ monthly purchase and expense reports for the department and processed 100+ credit card authorizations and transactions per week, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting and tracking
    • Maintained an accurate and up-to-date filing system for all sensitive departmental documents, resulting in a 100% compliance rate with internal and external audit requirements.
    • Maintained contact databases of 10,000+ contacts across multiple cloud-based programs, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all records.
    • Served as the primary person to assist with facilitating group discussions and decisions among local, state, and federal stakeholders, while coordinating committees, subcommittees, and working group councils.
    • Received certification in FEMA NIMS Courses: ICS 100,200,700, and 800
    • Assisted in reviewing, updating, and proofreading the technical writing of local mitigation plans for county ordinances and city annexes throughout the North Texas region.
    • Assisted in monitoring and recording official grant review applications, and the schedule of deliverables.
    • Assisted with NCTCOG's Safe Room Rebate Project, in contacting applicants and reviewing applications for quality assurance.
    • Assisted in regularly updating and formatting departmental website information.
    • Handled incoming invoices, and created purchase requisitions and payment authorizations for products, items, and supplies. Submitted monthly purchase and expense reports for the department. Primary person in charge of handling any credit card authorization and transactions as well as ordering supplies weekly for the department.
    • Generated and created meeting agendas, summaries, and board items for both departments. Also reviewed and formatted outgoing memos, letters, postcards, etc. Handled all communications for the department electronically.
    • Developed new hire paperwork and documents, managed departmental staff calendars, and coordinated available meeting times for staff. Registered staff for meetings, coordinated travel arrangements, and catered for meetings and events.
    • Collected, sorted, and distributed all outgoing and incoming mail and packages. Prepared documents for local municipalities in conformance with open record requests. Filed all sensitive documents and departmental-specific information in
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    Sr. Administrative Assistant

    The University of Texas at Arlington

    • Coordinated 40+ events annually for faculty, staff, students, and community for the Division of Multicultural Affairs and The Center for African American Studies with an audience size of 5,000+.
    • Primarily supported the Director and Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, and the Director of the Center for African American Studies for inbox, travel, and calendar management.
    • Led 25+ general body meetings, distributed and created/designed marketing material, and recorded and logged financial payments and other ad-hoc reports.
    • Primary spokesperson for the department, conducted several marketing strategies including interviews with local and college news stations and partnered with other departments and organizations on campus to host events.
    • Maintained and logged all staff employee hours, handled rosters for all student programs under the department, and ordered supplies.
    • Organized and filed all files in compliance with records retention policies. Answered all phone calls, emails, and any incoming visitors’ questions on student programs.
    • Booked travel for staff and speakers, scheduled meetings for management, and took messages for both directors.
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    National Weather Center Intern

    The University of Oklahoma

    • Served as an Intern with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey with mentors Alek Krautmann and Dr. Mark Shafer.
    • Created a research project that focused on areas of mitigation to homes and emergency preparedness options.
    • Compiled data from research surveys into pictorial models to represent figures and factors influencing homeowners’ decisions for mitigation.
    • Worked effectively with a team to analyze and present data under extreme time constraints.
    • Communicated effectively to complete research and prepare scientific posters.


  • Skills and Qualifications

    Listed below are just a few of computer programs and personal skills I have acquired through my career journey.

    Keyword Summary of Skills

    Client Relations. Client Services. Customer Retention. Marketing. Marketing Communications. Marketing Strategy. Customer Loyalty. E-marketing. Account Management. Program Management. Strategic Planning. Cross-Functional Teams. B2C. B2B. Event Planning. Print. Media. Web. E-mail. Internet. Weblog (Blogs). Surveys. Questionnaire. Administrative. Organization. Communication. Time Management. Management Support. Reporting. Quality Assurance. Coordination. Office Support. Records Management. Contract Compliance. Training Development. Website Editing, ISO Standards. Expense Reporting. Content Creation. Financial Reporting. Problem Solving, Analytical Skills, Project Management. Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Forecasting, Subject Matter Expertise, Meeting Facilitation, Tracking and Monitoring, Process Optimization, Risk Management, Resource Management, Change Management, Safety Management, Cost Management, and Vendor Management, Effective Communication, Servant Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Empathy, Adaptability, Customer Experience, Strategic Thinking, Time Management, Task Management, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Decision Making Skills, Problem Solving, Timeline Planning, Organizational Awareness, Relationship Awareness, Cultural Awareness

    Computer & Software Program Knowledge

    Adobe: (Photoshop CS5. Dreamweaver. Contribute. Illustrator. InDesign. Acrobat XI Pro) (MS Office Suite - Word. Excel. Access. PowerPoint. Outlook. Projects. Teams) Twitter. Facebook. Dropbox. Pinterest. Polaris ILS. Email Listerv (Mail Chimp, Lyris, etc.). Microsoft CRM. SharePoint. Cisco WebEx, COGNOS, Mac OS, G-Suite (Google Documents, G-mail, Google Calendar, Google Dirve) ZEUS Content Management System, Duo Mobile, Silk Road, Intranet, Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS), OnePI, Highview, OnDemand, Novitas, Fraud Investigation Database (FID), Integrated Data Repository (IDR), One Program Integrity (OnePI), VPN, Secure ZIP, Fraud Prevention System (FPS),eChimp, KRONOS. SAP. Metadoc. Wikipages. Redmine. Bugzilla. Prezi. Wix. Moodle. Metadoc. Salesforce. Trello. Canva. WordPress. Instagram. Facebook.


    Please feel free to contact me directly or via LinkedIn if you would like to discuss anything further in detail.


    I would love to speak with you! Please contact me if you have any questions.